No evidence that San Bernardino shooters posted about jihad on Facebook


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I was listening to the Diane Rehm show on my NPR station this morning. The topic was the threat emails received by New York and Los Angeles school districts and how their reactions were different. One of the guests mentioned the San Bernadino couple and how they were using social media. The meme is still out there and I don’t think it will be going away any time soon.


In case anyone hasn’t already cottoned on to this, when you see these two words, or their synoyms, in your news feed:

You can pretty much expect to hear, then or later, that:

Or in other words, everything Cruz says is…

Anytime he speaks it is clear that he thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room and that his soaring oratory and cracking debate style will hide his rampant conflation of pseudo-truth with outright fabrications. For all his talk of piety and principle, Cruz obviously has no problem being the quintessential shape-and-meaning-shifting politician doing anything in his power to get elected.


Still at war with Eurasia, it would appear.


We’ve always been at war with Eurasia


Yes, I did that again…


Evidence? We don’t need no steenkin evidence!


Cruz strikes me as a very smart guy, just not very wise or compassionate.


So they don’t hate America and our way of life, just their shitty coworkers?

Man, and I thought people were bitchy at my job.


Cruz strikes me as a very smart guy, just not very wise or compassionate.

Let me translate:

Cruz strikes me as a dickhead.


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Evidence isn’t how things work in Murkka


Unfortunately, no one cares about facts now. All they care about is a) showing their “opponent” they are better/smarter/righter than they are and b) finding someone to blame for how shitty things are. Muslims have become useful scapegoats for America’s ills right now from the right, and the fragmented nature of our modern mass mediascape is only reinforcing this. If it makes you feel good and virtuous, then people are going to buy it.


The problem is that everyone was saying that they were PUBLICLY, ON SOCIAL MEDIA talking about Jihad, and no, they actually weren’t. Which is why no one knew what they were planning and they were never investigated.


I wonder if we could spend as much time, energy, and money on figuring out how Robert Dear got radicalized.


No, because clearly women who have sex and then want an abortion are asking for it. /s


This is going to sound terrible, but if only there were one specific reason for the disparity in treatment. If there were a single issue to focus on, it might actually be fixable.


The reason for the disparity is that there are not too few people in America who say, “well, he went too far, but you know, those whores…” There is literally a whole political party of people who do that. Because they think we don’t own our bodies. It is simple. Women need to be understood as human beings, not sperm receptacles or props for men’s egos. We are people, who have full control over our bodies and there are people in this country who do not agree with that fact of life.

It’s not complicated. It’s really not.

I don’t think you sound terrible. I just disagree with you that this is a more complicated subject.


No. That issue is not complicated at all. All humans should have agency, sexism is a problem. That’s why I said it would probably sound bad.

What I was stating is that I think the disparity in how violent acts are covered by the media, treated by law enforcement, government, etc. is much more complicated. If only it was just: Sexism, racism, hegemony, capitalist opportunism … (pick one) it would be easier to counter.