No-nonsense MIDI player for modern Macs

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Want to hear what is being produced by the exuberant product demonstration that the most excellent Mr Beschizza has heading this post? (unaccountably) i did. Didn’t expect it to be a ‘beat box’, but here it is:


Doesn’t Garage Band do this natively?

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VLC does not works?!

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Thanks! Came here for this - you’re doing the lord’s YouTube work.


OMG thank you. I was dying to hear what was being played, and it was more delightful than I expected.

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I’m fond of this version

Yes! Previously at BB

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I like that the Swift source code is there to be looked at. I always was interested in getting back into desktop development, but exhaustion from day job development robbed me of my motivation. I will have to fire up Xcode and poke around.

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