Creative Prodikeys combined both types of keyboard in one


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I remember seeing ads for those growing up. They seemed a bit impractical. Now I’d rather make a bracket system to hold my midi controller above my keyboard. I’m spoiled by having pitch and modwheels. :laughing:

That guy can really finger drum. :blush:


Well that sucks, they don’t seem to have drivers for anything past Windows XP.




I’ve always wanted a chording-keyboard.


Maybe it just works. Tempted!


Never doubt the power of my memory again!


You should pull the trigger and report back…uh, for science. There’s one on eBay for only $20.

This could be you!


I had one in work (people used it with Sibelius rather than controlling a synth). It was unusably awful for actually playing.

Still want a keytar.


It was great, but then after a month of typing the QWERTY keyboard died and it became more expensive landfill.


Wow! I had a feeling that it must have been found by one of us before, but…


Unfortunately the cool one is PS/2. It’s really not gonna work, and if I buy it, I’ll be like, I can do this!, and I’ll be like “Oh, if I buy a USB keyboard controller board, I can hook up the matrix to it” and then “Oh, but I guess I need to also cannibalize the USB controller from a cheap modern MIDI controller too” and then the safe never gets opened.


Yeah, let’s focus on the safe please.



I should get one just to weird out my colleagues.


Ahead of its time. Two productivity distractions in one device.


Make some vim or emacs bindings for this baby, you got yourself one enviable dev environment.


I’m sure it would also work for Windows development… In C#


But then you’re like, oh I just never turn on my projectors and Processing setup so that anything at all can be a velocity-sensitive keyboard, I just set it up for that one MMORPG and haven’t changed it since; but then, let Microsoft introduce the product and feel obliged at random to hit $18 or some other price point that makes the Surface 5 seem reasonable. They’re likely to be the ones bundling 100 haptic feedback controllers for $30 more so you can make purple emoji as upset as they need to be in 2017. ATLUS or Microsoft…


Meh. To me, about as useful as a shaving mirror on a hammer.


No you don’t. Only the you-know-who with his tiny hands can play this thing.

I had one. I’m Asian, only 5 foot 6, and with relatively small hands. I’m also an adult. And I can’t play this thing. The keys are the size of a child’s keyboard.