No one harmed in Whac-a-Mole/Rock-a-Fire band warehouse explosion


Oh MAN . . .

I watched a whole movie on Netflix about Fechter and Rock-A-Fire:

It’s odd and not a little sad. A lot of the movie is spent following Fechter around his lab as he remembers the glory days, when Chuck-E-Cheese was buying Rock-A-Fire robot bands. He shows workbenches where so-and-so was working on such-and-such when he was fired, and just left things as they were. And there were pools of toxic plastic goo and reject animatronic skins and so on.

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Friends working in surrounding buildings said they thought a train had derailed. It really is amazing that no one was hurt; a few hours difference could have been…bad.

Should I find it very telling that I can’t find a single web site clearly explaining what “carbohydrillium” is, chemically?


I was thinking the same - a fuel substance that has miraculous claims and no MSDS/wikipedia page/blog post about its chemistry is not something I’d bet too much on. Of course, it could just be a real thing kept under wraps until they feel it’s time to patent (or release for free, or whatever) it.

edit: “Green and pollution free”, but it’s a gas you burn as cooking fuel. Yeah no.

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I suspect it’s some variant of Brown’s Gas, which is a favorite of the free-energy/woo crowd and a great way to blow up one’s family members:


No humans have been hurt yet. Just wait until the Chuck-e-cheese robots rise up in revenge for this unprovoked attack. The whack-a-mole machines have suffered the humans’ abuse for too long.

I work in a building right across the street from this location. The building has been “abandoned” for several years (i.e. nobody comes and goes it’s just storage). In addition, the city had already condemned the building (it’s currently sporting several signs showing that is in fact condemned).

Regarding the noise of the bang, I thought that someone dropped a filing cabinet upstairs. My co workers walked right by the building on their way to work without a second glance. At first we couldn’t figure out why all the fire trucks and police and TV were hovering around until we read the reports in the media. Yea, we know something happened because of the windows blown out, but you couldn’t see the back wall from our office.

They were clearing out some items from the building on Friday. Let’s see what Monday brings…


This is really the best possible outcome… nobody was hurt, and now the magnifying glass of attention is on this nonsensical “carbohydrillium”. Although come to think of it, it will probably just bring more advocates rather than turn everyone into a skeptic.

Also: Carbohydrillium is an excellently steampunky name for an Unobtanium compound.

…causing chaos near downtown Orlando and leaving robots scattered around burning rubble…

Just another normal day in the Philip K. Dick theme-park.

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The place is going to be kind of toxic, if that documentary I mentioned up above is any indication. Barrels of old plastic goo and who knows what.

It powers the next generation of Whac-A-Mole machines. You probably don’t want to hit the moles too hard, though.

The full name of the animatronic band is the Rock-afire Explosion. Isn’t it ironic, don’t you think?

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