No one should ever let me build a bridge

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I love these kind of bridge making games! It’s really satisfying to find out why real bridges look the way they do. I wish I knew of the same kind of thing for building towers, arches, and domes, though! What would really be fun is to take a working structure and find out how much stress it takes to bring it down, through overloading, wind, earthquake, or fire.


My big brother is a bridge engineer. I’m definitely sending him the link to this article!


This reminds me of Bridge Constructor on Android. Pity this one isn’t available for mobile platforms, as it seems even more fun.

Bridge building games are indeed not particularly new (Pontifex is another popular one), but Poly Bridge seems to be getting an inordinate amount of attention. What exactly does it do that makes it so different?

A good PR person?

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Yea, I the series that included Pontifex may be the the original (2000), but I think was always PC only. Bridge Constructor is the first clone I am aware of on ios (2012) and probably made somebody rich. This is another, apparently with a good media strategy.

The pontifex series:

Adding draw bridges is cool.

Well, I know that Bridge Constructor didn’t have the ability to build ramps in order to succeed. Nor drawbridges. So it would appear that they have added at least some new ideas.

Now I know how the Kerbals get to the launch complex.


And here’s a professional doing it (badly)


His reactions are pretty awesome. When he gets the two cars to jump past each other around 2:30? Classic.

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World of Goo FTW.

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If you need a bridge, then it just means that you are probably driving too slow…


I think that it has a built-in jif-generator, thus instant shares of one’s nefarious designs…

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