The new Portal is a bridge-building puzzle game, and it looks AMAZING

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This looks really cool. I was wondering when there was going to be another Portal.


The important question, of course: is the cake still a lie?


My son will poo his pants. He’s still a raging fan of Portal, centuries after “the cake” stopped being funny.

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I hate to be pedantic (bah, who am I kidding…I love to be pedantic) but Portal didn’t start out as a Half-Life mod. It started out as a standalone Digipen project called Narbacular Drop which attracted Valve’s attention who then hired the team that created it.


Portal: World of Goo.


I doubt it.

They would have to put the number 3 on it and I don’t believe valve has the ability to do that.


This is a lot like the great indie game Armadillo Run


Me, near the end of the trailer, starting to become aghast at the wholesale slaughter of little abstracted dudes in cars: This is kind of horrible and I don’t want to play it.

GlaDOS, appearing with the end title: Excellent. Your ability to destroy without question is quite impressive.

I don’t know how I feel about that. Still probably won’t play it.

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No! No! No! This is Donkey Kong with a voiceover. Portal is a first person immersive experience, not an arcade game. GLaDOS is a sellout!

Still looks fun though.

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Nah, it’s just a Portal version of Bridge Constructor.

Shades of World of Goo (great!) and another all-time fav: Enigmo!
Awesome puzzle games and level constructor tools.
The sequel that went into true 3-D was more frustrating than awesome ymmv

Maybe I’m an old timer PC gamer, but it looks like it has a lot of Lemmings in its DNA.


Same here. Lemmings immediately popped into mind, even before World of Goo for some reason.

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Yup, looks like a modern Lemmings. This is not a bad thing mind.

So…World of Poo? Sounds about right for 2017.

Played this for a few hours on PC last night and can confirm it is really fun. At about level 21 out of 60 so far and the difficulty is ramping up nicely. I think only the bounce mechanic is a bit off because it seems to help too much, being able to bounce back onto the wheels and keep going doesn’t feel right. It would be more difficult if you had to touchdown the right way up but then a lot of the levels would need to be redesigned. Only a small issue and doesn’t take away from the game.

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