Games, at some length

Edge Magazine’s Jason Killingsworth interviewed me at some length about my history with videogames, from Apple ][+ to Atari to arcades, with notes on Zynga, DRM, piracy and the Humble Bundles. READ THE REST

Oh man, namechecking Marc Laidlaw. If you still haven’t done so, seriously, just pick up Half-Life 2. It’s dirt-cheap, but to this day not a single game topped its storytelling.


I know, I know. I keep coming back to these two and trying to figure out which one was better and almost always I come to the conclusion that Portal 2 would win if it was a few hours longer.

Plus, I seriously prefer the bleak, disturbing dystopia of HL2 to Portal’s mastery of black humor. Less risk of giving myself an asthma attack due to uncontrollable laughter.

It’s really hard for me to choose. Both games are sublime experiences. It’s why it makes me so angry that Valve hasn’t released a story based FPS in a while. Obviously the company can do whatever they want: I just got so hooked and am in withdrawal.

I got addicted to Dota 2 to deal with Half-Life withdrawal :frowning:

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