When Chell is crushed between two portals, she enters an infinite realm of psychedelic visuals


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I have enjoyed abusing game engines for psychedelic affect. The artefacts in this video are quite amazing.


Not sure if subtle joke, being trolled, or youtube glitch…

Hi Chell Di Filippo


I’d guess it’s purely emergent, as the game engine tries to deal with the fact that the camera is stuck in what’s essentially a two-dimensional space.


This is (actually) Paul Di Filippo, for some reason… It’s the video for The Black Mill Kickstarter.

[Edit: figured out what the video is.]


Reminds me of the ending to 2001.


Always interesting to peek behind the scenes. The music’s cool too.


Dammit, you beat me to it.


My God, it’s full of stars.


I noticed Portal 2 updated a few days ago. Hmm.


It’s full of starsssssssss (technically 2001.2)



“Hey, I can see my nape from there… and the insides too!”



I don’t know about the crazy visuals, bit I do know that he had to modify the game to do it, as a moving panel cannot have a portal on it. There are several puzzles/levels where that mechanic is key.


Yeah, I was wondering why no one thought of this until now.


The description on the video explains a bit more about the methodology. Supposedly he only enabled this behavior and everything else was a side effect.


That totally has an Interstellar tesseract vibe to it! Lovely!


I don’t know what would be cooler: if this were an emergent property of
the game’s programming, or if the designers hid it in the code and
waited for an adventurous sort to discover it.

Third option: it’s simply fabricated and doesn’t represent what the game engine does at all. I could be wrong but that seems a more likely explanation than emergent behavior or complicated easter eggs.


Let’s remember that as a video game character, Chell can survive this sort of treatment and keep going. But she’s a trained expert, don’t try this yourself!