No punishment for cops who murdered man taking a shower

At this point, calling the cops on someone is tantamount to calling a hit on them. Unless you’re in physical danger from them, it’s an act of primary aggression. I wonder how the neighbor feels about calling in a hit on their neighbor.





Ah “excited delirium”. The totally scientific thing you die of when the taser definitely didn’t kill you.

And, despite being definitely-not-taser-related, extraordinarily rare as a cause of death in fights and assaults not involving police officers. A medical mystery, truly.

And the especially grim, tone-deaf quote from the report:

Both officer Munoz and Rohleder were questioned as to why they used the ECD’s and both indicated that they believed they were dealing with a medical emergency and that medical personnel would not engage with Mr. Trammell until he was under control. Neither believed that other less-than-lethal methods were appropriate because they did not want to injure Mr. Trammell.

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