'Noah,' short film of young adult love and betrayal that takes place entirely on a teen's computer screen


Needs an NSFW tag!

Otherwise, I watched this earlier today and was thinking about Amy’s racist comment about not wanting an Asian roommate and wondered why that was in there. Was it to make her an unlikeable character? Maybe Noah was better off without her.

Reminds me of the Scene, a web show from back in the day. It also created a compelling story out of nothing but a computer screen.

Who knew a hovering mouse cursor could be so suspenseful?

“No! Don’t do it!”

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Don’t know if that was the intended read, but that was how I took it. It made her seem shallow, bigoted, and a bit nasty.

Finally got a chance to watch this, and I have to say I’ve never felt so emotionally affected by a short. When the call dropped and he was effectively left hanging, unable to truly know whether or not she was able to call him back, my heart dropped directly into my stomach. I doubt even a younger version of myself would have hacked her account, but I can understand the senseless desperation you feel in that exact moment. Kudos gentlemen, kudos.

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