Short film: "Denali"

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This made me weep last night… and yep! it still works today.

In our house I jokingly talk about “If I outlive the dogs…” because I’m quite unsure how I’ll cope if/when I don’t…


there’s something wrong with my eyes.

My old girl is still going strong at 13, slower, stiffer but still healthy, I hope she lasts a good time yet

Gulp - not long lost my (almost) 14yr old Pip. This vid brought wet eyes and a lumpy throat. It’s so hard to say goodbye but i knew when it’ was time (jeez I can hardly read the screen - sniff)

I’m not a dog person. I have three cats. And I try to appreciate them every single day because they have gotten me through the hardest times. Sometimes I think people will just not understand how my one cat has an uncanny sense about when I need her and will sit with me, just sit very still and Buddha like. When my first marriage was at its worst I’d sit at night staring outside the big glass doors of my porch into the distance, one kitty on my lap, the other right at my side (he does NOT do laps) - night after night. after painful night How the big cat follows me around all over the house and has to be next to me as much as possible. The younger cat, came into our lives right when my first marriage was ending and my second starting. He brought my daughter and her stepdad together - a cute little kitten that they both loved like crazy.

Two of my cats are getting older and I worry about the day they die; I can’t imagine living without them. It scares me a lot and it’s hard to talk about it with people because it seems silly to care that much about a pet.

What a touching movie. I especially liked the part where the dog has his fantasy about attacking the insurance company. :slight_smile:


should be labeled NSFW. I’m bawling and snotty.

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pffffffttt. only cried for like 7:22.

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