My heart is broken. My dog Molly has passed away




I lost my Macy last year and it still hurts. So I know how you feel.

All I can say is it will hurt less. It will get better. I’m sorry for your loss.


Oh, I’m so sorry. She was positively adorable. You were lucky to have known her.


I’m sorry. She looks like a sweetie.


So sorry. Lost Emma the Bengal Kitty 2 years ago. I know.


Family animals are family, period. The loss is felt no less keenly than if they were human. The worst part of having a loving pet, is that barring the inevitable, they will predecease you. Knowing this never eases the pain.
I am sincerely sorry for your loss.


I hope writing all this beautiful stuff down helped just a little bit. So sorry. Thoughts with you.


Sorry for your loss. :’(


I’m so sorry that you’re going through this right now. Nothing hurts like losing the love of a pet who shared so much of your life and brought you so much joy.


I’m all verklempt but laughing at her nickname “Molly Lama”. You wrote a touching tribute to a dog the memory of whom is now shared in the hearts of all who read it. Molly’s light will shine longer for it.


My kitty Snickers just died on October 25th. I got her as a rescue back in 1999, and she was born in either early 1996 or early 1997.

I keep getting told that it’s going to get better, and I’m sure it will, but it hasn’t yet.

I’ll be getting two kitties from our local kill shelter in the next few days. I’m pretty sure that’s what she would want in her little cat way, and I figure it’s the least I can do.


I truly feel your pain, the lady in my avatar for so many years now, my Bebita for almost 15 years, we had to put her to sleep this Monday, the sense of loss is overwhelming.
She is survived by her birth brother and two rescue brothers. We are taking comfort in each other, but I am struggling to find out how to live without the apple in my eye.

Bebita. April 12, 1999 - November 25, 2013.


So sorry for your loss. My wife and I had the best Australian Cattle Dog ever. She lasted 17 too short years and we will mourn her for the rest of our lives. It will take a number of years before we are able to consider a new dog, but certainly it will happen someday. The joy that a good dog brings into a home is beyond anything.


So sorry four your loss

We have 2 cavs also ( along w/ 2 shepherds ) and they are the light of our lives


That’s exactly what Snickers would have you do. There are so many who need rescuing just a she did and they can’t wait. You will be rescuing them now, when they need to be rescued.


Sorry man. That really sucks. My condolences.


What a gift these furry little angels are to us, my heart goes out to you.


I’m so sorry.


My mantra for such times:

We don’t have them long enough.
But they have us all their lives.
That’s not a bad thing.


So sorry for your loss… Cavaliers leave big holes for such small dogs.