Crappiest moment in the last month

As a means to blow off a little steam without being too specific, what is a super crappy thing that recently happened, which you can’t get out of your head?

I’ll start.

I lost two close friends last week due to them being scumbag liars. And they live next door :smiley:

Anyone else have something they want to cathart-out? (There will be punch and pie afters)


My kitten got hanged…
Got his head caught in the handles of a “gift bag” and must have went nuts until he was too tangled. Probably missed saving him by a couple minutes – still tried CPR.
Lil’ Freddy was too smol to leave this world.

The bag was a gift from my wife’s friend from when my wife’s ancient cat had died earlier this summer (Freddy was named after the friend, as well – the friend doesn’t like cats, but adored Freddy).
A stray kitten showed up under my brother-in-law’s house the next weekend, so at least we got a distraction (and a mini-me of Fred).


(Internet hug, that fucking sucks)


Right back at ya.


Aw guys, I’m sorry for both of you. We have to get a new roof? But nothing really terrible this month… I have a cold thingie that keeps hanging around, mussing up my sinuses…


OMG, I’m so sorry… that feeling is horrible.
He looks like such a good little dude.

Internet hugs all around.

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He was ALL kitten.
I grew somewhat accustomed to losing sickly kittens over the years, but not crazy healthy ones…
In the grand scheme of things, this is much easier to deal with and get over than having betraying/lying friends living next door like @japhroaig


Yeah @japhroaig stop being a lying betraying friend next door already! Jeez man!


I’ve had it up to HERE with his bullcrapparoonie. I’m about to pop a cap at that guy… a bottlecap. Hey @japhroaig, ya want one? I have beer and also some good red zin.


I kinda’ have it coming… At least once a week I hit him with the ol’ flaming bag of crap.

I’m so sorry (internet hugs). I suspect the reason there are so few adult yellow tabbies is because they’re not born with 9 lives. We lost a yellow tabby kitten to a garbage truck two years ago. :cry:


You’re not supposed to throw them away unless they are already dead.

He managed to boogie out of the house just as my SO had opened the door to take a recycle bin out. Naturally, he started immediately cruising down the driveway toward the street, heard a noise, then bolted into the street into the path of the truck.

He was very cute and affectionate. It still bums me out.


That is awfullllll… In 4th grade, a gang of us kids would walk to school as a group, about 5 of us. We found a bloody kitten in the street, still alive and mewing. It was so sad. We picked him up and rang the nearest doorbell. The woman who answered said she’d take him to the vet. He recovered. She kept him. She said he had broken bones and was near death but the vet saved him and she thanked all us kids. So, there’s that. I’m sorry about your kitty.


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