I was lucky to have a friend like Lu


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#NeedsMoreLikes (formerly known as "All the Likes")

May she Rest In Peace.




I’m sorry about your friend.


They do.
So sorry for your loss.



You were a good dog


Dogs do not live nearly long enough for my liking, but with a loving family they live rich full lives. I am sorry for your loss but happy to know that she was given every opportunity to be happy and well taken care of.


My condolences. She was a Good Girl.


Good girl, Lucy!

My condolences on the loss of your friend. :’(


Lovely. Touching. I know my 14 1/2 year old lab/pit mix is probably not got too much time left but I feel many of the same sentiments that were expressed here. They do open your heart just as the writer said. :cry:


I’m so sorry to hear about Lucy. Saying goodbye to a wonderful dog is so incredibly difficult.


I’m sitting here, reading this article through wet eyes while an empty collar sits next to my laptop. We just had to put our beloved Eddy to rest on Sunday. My first dog ever. Nothing could prepare me for huge aching hole in my chest I feel.

I’m incredibly sorry for your loss.


Regretted it?

Rest assured, it was a day of self-actualization for her! I’m sure she always looked on that day fondly.


Sorry for your loss. Thanks for sharing a bit of Lu with us.


That’s hard. Thanks for sharing. She sounds like a wonderful friend.


I am truly sorry for your loss as well, the last family dog i had was nowhere near him being the first. But he was the first that we had when i was old enough to really not take for granted and fully love. His passing doesn’t hurt anymore but there’s definitely a void there, i have a very snuggly cat that i love a ton though i miss that dog like hell.

Our furry ones remind us to live life fully, to find joy in the smallest of things, and to love. I hope that your pain eases with time.


I’m sorry for your loss.


My entire family’s condolences.


I am sorry, so sorry, for the loss of your furry love.



If you need another Spaniel (and what Spaniel owner doesn’t need one at all times), there is an excellent rescue organization in Oakland that specializes in Springers but occasionally knows of Cockers.