Sir, I'm afraid you've had enough


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Dog needs to go, stat.


Doggos dislike winos. Don’t make Sarah McLachlan sing for an abused or neglected doggo.



Oh man, those commercials get me every time. Oddly, I have little reaction to the commercials where a bearded fellow is asking for help for poor kids abroad; even when they show flies landing on the kid’s face. But as soon as I see a dog in a cage and hear Sarah McLachlan start singing I start scrambling for the remote because my heart can’t take it.


That’s why Hemingway had cats.


Cut it out. It’s not like I close the toilet lid when you want a drink.


During my heavier drinking phases, I’ve definitely had my cat claw me when I reached for the glass. He also lets me know when he thinks I’ve smoked enough weed… usually with his teeth.


Looks more like “What do you think you’re doing? Don’t touch my wine.”


That’s true cat love… or just your cat being a dick. I can’t tell which. Really, isn’t it one and the same with the kittehs?


It is definitely a combination of the two… I am a less entertaining feather-wand slave when intoxicated.


Kittehs are all ego. Yet such awesome critters:


MADD dog?


The dog would be drinking, too, if he were aware of Trump.


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