Noise-cancelling pillow for bedmates of people who snore


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CPAP would be better – but if your partner refuses, then I guess this is OK.


If my bedmate looked like this, I wouldn’t be able to sleep anyway.


I suppose it’s an improvement over the old fashioned snore silencing pillows.



Cute tech… but as someone who uses a CPAP machine and is married to a VERY light sleeper, a CPAP machine is much better.

Unless this is to help keep the dog from snoring.


But what if you accidentally fall on the pillow, get a great idea, and no one can hear you call for a pencil?

Will the company refund my ideas?


As I often wake up from my own snoring…

What if the smoke/CO detector goes off? Will you still be able to hear it?


Seems like it would be more effective to make noise cancellation pillows for the actual snorer, so that the sounds wouldn’t go further than their pillow.


If you have to sleep on your back, well, that’s a non-starter right there.


Damn, I was gonna look for a gif of Chief “silencing” McMurphy but this is better


It sounded to me like they were putting a lot of effort into identifying and canceling only the snoring sounds. All that led me to wonder when the pillow for landscaping tools (lawn mowers and leaf blowers specifically) will be available.


If your partner snores make them see a doctor about sleep apnea, Snoring is a major symptom. It is a life threatening condition.


Yeah, we did that. Husband was clocked at 90 db but the doctor said his apnea wasn’t bad enough to warrant a CPAP. I am still very, very bitter.

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