Noisy cover of Sgt Pepper's from Flaming Lips and friends


Classic (new) Lips, I like it a lot.

If it is anything like their cover of Dark Side of the Moon it’ll be good for a few listens and then you’ll never want to hear it again. I love the Lips (a lot), but their Darkside cover was certainly not a highlight of their career…

I dont know if the Lips ever strive for critical success. Even Soft Bulletin was experimental turn beautiful, IMO.

I do think they took more care with preserving the hooks in Fwends than they did with Dark Side, but wow, they really do crush the envelope once again.

Holy crap do I love the Flaming Lips. If anyone can cover that (uncover-able) album without being assholes or sycophants, its them. I’m loving the parts I’ve heard.

Muddy, overproduced, and a waste of time.

Hang on . . . I am pretty sure that a cover of an album is something else entirely, but then I am old.

No doubt! Ive always thought the Lips had some similarities to the Beatles, this album was destined.

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