Nomad, Matthew Mather's frightening take on the apocalypse

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Wow, apocalypse novels are in this year. Is it because we’ve given up on climate change?

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Has anyone read this as well as “The Last Policeman” trilogy? Thoughts on their similarities/differences? (Spoiler-free, please.)

If you brush, floss, and wash the inside of your mouth every day, your lypse will be free of the pocs.

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I bought this on your recommendation and because it was 99 ¢ (cheap!). I’ve only read the first 6 or so chapters, and perhaps I’ve spoiled myself by restricting much of my literary consumption to works by quote unquote great authors, but the character development is decidedly hackneyed. I’ll give you an example:

“Jessica paused to admire her mother’s olive skin bronzed from years doing geological fieldwork, her blond hair proudly streaked with gray—still a beauty even in her mid-fifties. No wonder their tour guide Nico kept staring at her. Catching her own reflection in a window, Jessica had to admit that she’d gotten her good looks from her mom. Almost a mirror image of photographs she’d seen from when her mom and dad got married.”

Soon after, we meet The Baron:

“A man stared at her, a deep scar creasing his forehead under a mop of black hair. The man smiled, fixing Jess with penetrating brown eyes. Where had she seen him before? In the parking lot on the way in, she remembered. She had almost run into him. Tattoos didn’t impress Jess, but scars were another matter. The temperature in the room seemed to rise. “Scusi,” she mumbled in Italian, getting out of the way. “No, I apologize,” said tall-dark-and-scarred.”


I sense a four-way with Jess, Celeste, Nico, and The Baron is in the offing. Here’s hoping the science plot is enough to make me forget the heaping helpings of tripe.


After reading the book I have to say I’m less than amazed.
Instead of focusing on the End Of The World, we get a cheap
crime/thriller story basically filling over two thirds of the book.
Liked the basic premise of the “Nomad Event” though.
Give this maybe six out of ten stars.

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