The Apocalypse (The Undead World Series Book 1)



Am I mistaken that the only way to read this is on a Kindle? This sounds like an interesting take but I’m a fairly low tech dude.

Oh, sorry. Figured that one out of myself.

Looking forward to reading it ON MY DESKTOP or SMARTPHONE WHICH ARE NOT KINDLES AND IS TOTALLY POSSIBLE (in case anyone was wondering)

Well, Jason, I’m not sure if you were up WAY too early or WAY too late, but . . .

“He scares you with Americans (and some folks to be fair.)”

I have no idea what the last half of that sentence means.

“. . . than I am used to from other .99 Kindle reads. The story is the same, regardless the interesting buildup and manner in which the zombie apocalypse begins, zombies are everywhere and the government can’t hold back the storm.”

I guess those two sentences are supposed to be connected. Really hard to tell. And that last sentence is also sketchy.

I usually don’t offer grammatical or style criticism, but this post was . . . um . . . hard to read.

It was both, actually.

I edited in the omitted words.

I appreciate your candor, and your hard work.

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