The World Burns: a prepper blogger survives the apocalypse

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I prefer my apocalyptic stories to be ripped from the headlines:
Was disgraced sheriff Joey Kyle preparing for Armageddon?
A former Missouri sheriff stockpiled about three tons of food in the jail basement, and county officials think he may have been preparing for the apocalypse.
The former sheriff maintained an armory — which included C4 explosives, blasting caps and an Iraqi-made grenade launcher — in a closet directly underneath a county courtroom.


The World [delivers sick] Burns [to prepper bloggers].

Better to face adversity with a well-prepared survivalist blogger than with an unprepared whoever-else.

Hey man, thanks for taking a chance to read the book. I know it had issues when first published according to the reviews. Since the series took off, I’ve had a really good editor going through it, fixing my mess. It sounds like you got one of my early editions. My apologies for my shortcomings as far as grammar goes.

Thanks again.

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