Home, a dystopian adventure by Tom Abrahams

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We always assume the collapse will be caused by zombies or other plague, unaware it’s happening all around us right now.

I assume it will be caused by my friend Gabe who’s always making crazy things. You know Gabe, We all know a Gabe. Gabe is the cause. Keep your eye on Gabe.


What’s the word for a prepper Mary Sue?

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Well, that’s more likely to lead into a third-world style society of a tiny number of wealthy elites and a impoverished majority with nothing in between rather than a complete societal collapse though.

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Let’s not forget Sean Connery’s role in this dystopia.

Yeah we’ve got Shaddack here filling that role.


I’m sure there is a difference. I wonder if a Guatemalan could draw a distinction.

I love dystopian fiction. But the prepper shit…is fan service/mastubatory weirdness. It’s like these yahoos want the society to fail so they can play with their guns and shit.

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