A survivalist on why you shouldn't bug out


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“10 Reasons Why You Do Not Want to Bug Out,”


An inbox tray? :anguished:


It’s either my office phone or my sandwich.

EDIT: The sandwich is gone. Looks like it’s the phone.


Half-eaten peanut-butter sandwich.

But really, I suppose it depends on the nature of the apocalypse (I for one think we’re in a very slow-moving apocalypse right now, but that’s just me, I guess). I live in a neighborhood with over 100 biotech labs, so I figure if the shit hits the fan, I’m a goner anyway.


A kitchaid blender. Could be useful.


One of my favorite movies is 1983’s “Testament,” about the residents of fictional Hamelin, California after a nuclear war. One of the things that stands out in the story is how the residents stick together, helping each other as a community. Definitely no bugging out.

Movie critic Roger Ebert captured the essence of the film in one line in his review: “Testament is a tragedy about manners: It asks how we might act toward one another, how our values might stand up, in the face of an overwhelming catastrophe.”


My other monitor?


A book on global pop…?


My other hand. I’m a southpaw.


A Rubik’s cube?


Will people still care about style?


I’m so hosed…
I have a half eaten hashbrown and bacon sammich directly to my left…


Lucky me! Lazer fingers!


[The heroes will come from the] comfy bright green cities and traveled to the dead mall suburban slums, rustbelt browntowns and climate-smacked farm communities…

As a life-long resident of a farm community, all I can say is I hope these idealistic, arrogant, ignorant, imperialist bozos stop before they get here. Otherwise, I’m sure they will turn out to be juicy and tender.


Two pillows and half my doona (I’m in bed as it’s 4.15am.) Can I snuggle the zombies to death-after-death?


Neil Strauss (yes, the pickup artist guy) wrote a pretty good back called Emergency: This Book Will Save Your Life. He writes about all kinds of survival strategies and tells some great stories about what he discovered while researching. He learns about guns, learns about getting citizenship in another country, learns about bugging out, etc…

I hope I’m not spoiling anything, but at the end of his book he takes community emergency response training and that’s pretty much where he settles. If the SHTF, he’s going to stay put and help out (and will be very prepared).


Either the wife or her stainless steel thermal cup…


Jeebus Crabs tv set:

I guess I could use it to distract them?


Daiquiris for everybody. Disaster averted!