A survivalist on why you shouldn't bug out


I’m in an airport. As I read that, the person to the left of me stood up and walked away. Might not bode well if it’s immenant.


The reason you shouldn’t bug out is because you don’t know everything. OK, you know how to skin a deer and tan the hide. Do you know how to make shoes? To do simple dentistry? To build a flume to bring water to the camp? Your neighbors will have knowledge you don’t. Individual survival is possible only at the most animalistic level. If you want to survive in a manner that is even vaguely human, you have to survive together.


Outlook’s task list.

#PH34R //\e!!!


I’d love to see the zoning regs for that subdivision.


Two tv remotes and a small pack of cards.


A disaster is the ultimate neg.


Hanger bar from a closet.Unfortunately I don’t have the strength or skill to effectivly weaponize it.


Fortunately, my L-shaped desk bends to the left and on that side, I have a huge pocket knife. I think I’ll be all right.


Team Marx has a point when they observe some of the…sequelae…of overdoing it; but you just don’t beat specialization of labor; even at very low tech levels.

Plus, even if you were the magical jack-of-all-trades; you’d probably find the isolation to be a bit tiresome as time goes on. Especially since the internet probably won’t last long once the fiber-boreworms come out.


The guidebook describes it as “a center of local cultures” and isn’t technically lying.


I just moved and now its a bottle of Xanax. Anyone wanna barter?


Why not both?


Many people seem to equate “apocalypse” with actual disasters, but I think it really means something more personal and subjective. Basically, it is having one’s view of the world thoroughly changed by a sudden insight of perception. To uncover a secret vision which changes everything.

It is something that by definition one cannot possibly prepare for.


I see what you did there.


If you are the only one prepared, is it still an apocalypse?

…todo: solar-powered ebook reader mod and a small portable high-capacity file storage server…


Is this all possibly a ploy so he can come by later and steal all our stuff when we’re all meeting at Jeremy’s house about water distribution? I know he says be trusting of others, but I’m not sure about his goal there…


I’ll give you 3 bottle caps 5 dented tin cans and a chess board with no pieces for it.


What kind of bottle caps? If they’re not Nuka Cola they’re worthless.


Apocalypse is not a group thing, it is a personal thing - so you are always “the only one”!

But no, if you could prepare for it, it was not secret or hidden. Whatever actually pulls the rug out from under you is your apocalypse.


That was going to remains a surprise (mr burns finger tent)