Nomo Cam is my favorite new camera app

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It’s a fun app. It creates great stuff.

Two really painful parts of the app:

  1. Originals & “cool process” photos don’t end up automatically in your camera roll. Meaning, I have to photo by photo choose what travels.
  2. This is much more damning. I have to switch to each “toy camera” to see what I’ve shot. Use cool 70s polaroid and switch to another camera? Well, until you switch back, you don’t know those photos existed.

I really wanted to like and pay for a bunch of the cameras. I like the various looks. But these two items keep the app barely used (by me.)


Being a guy who loves to own & use vintage cameras, I’d push anyone interested in the analog experience to just go buy an astonishingly cheap vintage camera. If you get a classic manual SLR you’ll learn a lot about photography - or go buy one of Fuji’s brilliant Polaroid cameras for point & shoot fun:

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