NoPhone is a black piece of plastic shaped like an iPhone




What happened to good ol’ wholesome sports like Pocket Pool?


They need to produce different models so I can keep my work and personal non-devices separate.


What’s the battery life supposed to be like? Seems like on standby they’d last for decades.


Just avoid the “death grip.” Unless you like that sort of thing…


Ya, it would be nice to also do some gaming on my personal device.

I suppose that it would be useful to have an app for the work device as well


I want a deck of these that I can huck at all the distracted drivers who cut me off and generally screw me over every time I try to drive somewhere.


I bought a cheap Chinese knockoff online. Not quite as durable, but it’s good for basic day-to-day stuff.


Adult pacifier


Enjoy your walled garden, fanboys. I’m holding out for the black piece of plastic shaped like an Android phone.


Inanimate carbon rod, anyone?


A black, featureless, rectangular object designed to stimulate and develop the higher cognitive capabilities of primates… Where have I seen those before?


Now if there is an olive green, Bakelite version then this is something I could get behind.


Sure destroy the planet and exploit cheap labor…
I’m currently waiting to get the artisanal-sustainable-bamboo version that I have commissioned from a local craftsman - he’s even throwing in a repurposed PBR can holder for it.


I remember when something that looked kind of like that fell off of the bottom of my shoe once. They weren’t very comfortable shoes.


Hand grenades have better “feel”. They fly better, too.


I hope they switch to wood or other organic materials. There is more than enough plastic in existence. We really don’t need ironic pollution no matter how clever.


Most plastics are organic. The rest are exotic silicate or phosphate inorganic networks. That said, crude oil is also a natural material, therefore plastics count as natural too.

Besides, a piece more doesn’t matter. If it is a concern, recycle a bottle to even it out.


Interested in some bespoke 3-D printed cases? I know a guy…


as long as i can get one with a larger screen…are they planning on releasing a matching NoWatch?