NoPhone Selfie: world's most minimal handset now reflects user

There’s an interesting dynamic at play here. The thing that’s good about it is the irony of its existence. The statement it makes, the joke, is heightened by the fact that it is present in authentic form in the consumer marketplace.

To BUY it? OK. Now you have a funny gag gift or paperweight.

But to actually carry it around and “use” it – that’s not the joke, is it? That person would just be an arsehole.

Or maybe the joke lives in some schrodinger-like place between the “adbusters joke” of its existence as an actual product and the “actually that sanctimonious” fixed smile of people not only buying it as a gag gift but carrying it around with them to shame the sheep.


Yeah, exactly the way selfie shoes are not. Or how about a NoPhone in a selfie shoe as the ultimate?


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