Normal: Warren Ellis's story of futurists driven mad by staring into the abyss of tomorrow


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Last summer, Warren Ellis serialized a novel, “Normal,” as a series of four novellas; today, they’re collected in a single, short book that mainlines a month’s worth of terrifying futuristic fiction in one go.


Alt-right certainly sounds cooler than fascist.


But not as cool as control-alt-delete!


I don’t think anyone “laughed at Gun Machine”, it’s not that kind of book [and now its been edited to the proper way around with crooked little vein in place of Gun Machine]


Fascism is only one of the exciting options they propose. Some are into neo-feudalism instead (I imagine they don’t see themselves as being the peasants).


Yea, neither do reincarnationists or the SCA. They’re all kings and queens.


yea that’s cooler.


When I die, I’m coming back as a cat.


Are you sure? The immigration and citizenship process for reincatnation is not an easy one.


Seeing as its citizens must be reincarnated from both reindeer and cats, its borders aren’t exactly open to immigrants.


Thanks. Fixed.


I read it as it came out in serial and loved it.


When I die, I’m coming back as a bowl of petunias. Or a whale.


Don’t be the petunias.


Wait, it’s debatable if the Whale was part of the chain? Darn, I need a refresh.


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