Afterparty: neuro-technothriller


This actually looks like a book I might enjoy. I may end up checking it out. But… The term, “neuro-technothriller” made me throw up in my mouth a little bit. Ugh.


I would love a DRM-free purchase link, if one is available!

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All Tor ebooks are all DRM-free, in every format and in every store.


Perhaps I am misinformed, but isn’t the phrase “I cannot recommend this person highly enough” code for, “don’t hire them”?

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Just finished chapter 1, and am taking the rest of the morning off because now I have to finish it. For a relatively new writer, he’s mastered the hook. It’s excellent so far.

I wonder if Oliver Stone’s Wild Palms miniseries was part of the froth from which this was created.

Clearly “techno-neurothriller” is the way to go.

(Thrillo-technoneurler? Nerner-thrichletero?)


My apologies, I thought Amazon and B&N were still doing DRM regardless of the publisher’s wishes. I’ll give Amazon a shot right now, thanks so much for the clarification!

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Daryl Gregory… I though we were all on the same page on what a mistake two-first-name pennames are for writers? There are un-google-able. About as easy to google as Joe Johnson.

Well, there was an idea I had for a novel about ten years ago. Of course, I didn’t write it, and now this fellow went and did it.

I’m doomed!

Oh wait… it turns out you can use quotation marks in google searches.

That’s a relief.

The ideas aren’t the important part, the story and the writing are what’s worth the experience. Your novel about similar ideas will be entirely unique.

Despite echoes of Stephenson, Pynchon, RAW, Brust, Ruff, and Warren Ellis’s Gun Machine, Afterparty was a fantastic read. The journey may have been in the same intellectual continent of those others, but it mapped entirely novel landscapes there.

Considering the subject I kind of expected something joyfully sloppy, like Tom Wolfe’s better early works. Instead, the characters and plot elements interlocked like swiss gears, and the resulting novel is tight and streamlined through to the end.

Well, my current crop of unrealized novel ideas are more interesting to me now. But I agree - two writers can take the same concept and write completely different stories in every way.

I’d love to see an anthology of novellas based on the same story idea by as many of my favourite SF authors as possible (Gibson, Stephenson, Stross, Sterling, Mieville, Watt, Hopkinson, Schroeder, Rucker, Le Guin, Doctorow). With a bonus anthology of the same concepts written by now lost authours (Dick, Asimov, Butler). I’d buy it, or subscribe to it or whatever was needed.

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