William Gibson reads Neuromancer




It’s from the original audio edition of his seminal 1984 novel, which is sadly no longer available, though it’s easy enough to find bootlegs online.

Here, let me FTFY:

“It’s from the original audio edition of his seminal 1984 novel and since the publisher apparently doesn’t want to make money, feel free to find bootlegs online.”


While in basic training I read this to my squad every night. I’m sure they thought I was a loon.


Listened to the beginning of this version some years ago, sorry, but reading aloud is not Mr Gibson’s talent. There’s better audio versions. This is the beauty/flaw of audiobooks, the reader makes a huge difference to the experience. Some authors like Spider Robinson or Neil Gaiman are great readers, but it’s not a given that an author is the best reader of their material.


Have to agree with Gellfex–my admiration for Gibson’s writing chops is considerable (just finished reviewing The Peripheral, which is a real tour de force), but I recall bailing out of listening to Neuromancer. But then, I’m badly spoiled by the performances of the late Patrick Tull and David Case on the Aubrey-Maturin, Sharpe, and Flashman series. (BTW, if you like these novels and see a used copy of the audiobooks, even on cassette, grab it–these versions seem to have gone OP.)


For a voice actor Gibson makes a great writer.
In other words, this version is terrible.

Worth tracking down is the BBC radio play adaptation.


I should really just read this but Gardner has my full attention right now. :smiley:


I still have my copy of CDs next to my floppy disk set of BCP. I need to boot up that old Mac laptop to play with BCP.


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