Tobias Buckell's "System Reset": tense, taut hacker tale


A few of the stories in this collection have been appearing on podcasts - Escape Pod and Drabblecast, I think, but possibly Clarksworld as well (or Psuedopod? I can’t keep track!). Anyway, the point is that all the stories I’ve heard so far have been really good, and the whole concept is great - especially the idea that some writers are contributing pre- during- and post-apocalypse stories that all tie together is really fun. I’m really looking forward to all three books.

Any chance of a DRM-free eBook purchase link?

I just finished this book. Most of the stories, including Buckell’s, were quite good and the EOTW scenarios were varied and creative. The only drawback is that many of the stories will carry through to the second and third volumes in the series, meaning we have to wait a whole year (per the publishing schedule) to see how they they turn out.

Having short stories carry over from one anthology volume to another is a pretty unique idea, however. Hats off to Hugh Howey and SF/Horror anthology master JJ Adams for putting this project together,

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