North Carolina law would ban policy use of latest sea level rise predictions


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A projection map showing land along the coast underwater would place the permits of many planned development projects in jeopardy.

As sensible people who aren’t necessarily trying to make a fast buck in questionably-ethical real estate development would say, that would be entirely the point of such a map. But the laws and lawmakers don’t serve such aims these days, do they?


Even if someone does not believe the facts, the facts are still the facts which can turn around and bite them in the ass. The truth does not go away just because some one wishes it to.

There’s definitely a joke to be made relating this to clapping harder to bring tinkerbell back.

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Crazy considering the extent of damage to the coastal communities already, both on the mainland & the barrier islands. My family used to vacation in Rodanthe back in the late 90s; the complex we stayed at is completely underwater now. The pier which was the focal point of the community there (this was before the nicholas sparks book/movie) is the only thing left, & had been moved back at least once around 2001. In fact, when we were vacationing there, two rows of rental cabins had already been lost to the encroaching ocean. I wouldn’t be suprised if by the time i’m an old man the outer banks are completely underwater.

Here is a Link to google satellite maps of the area i’m talking about, if you see the big open sandy area directly behind the pier, that was where a large hotel stood for those who couldn’t afford cabins. The rows of cabins were in front of it, all connected by roads. I think the name was Resort Rodanthe? But i can’t remember. Interestingly, if you toggle between satellite & map view, you’ll see that map view shows the land going well out into the ocean… wonder if this is because of zoning/political issues as described in Rob’s post.

Well, that makes exactly the opposite of sense.

Next up, historians burned for using the past to predict the future!

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If people change the law to deny the facts and then buy property that later gets flooded, they can rightfully claim that the law said that the property wouldn’t flood, so they deserve compensation. Because law trumps physics, or something.

North Carolina, and other states that pull this crap, should be freed from the terrible burden of Federal disaster assistance when their coastal communities melt into the sea. “Huh? What flooding? Your maps clearly show that area to be high and dry.”


Republican State Rep. Pat McElraft, who drafted the law, called the law a “breather” that allows the state to “step back” and continue studying sea -level rise for the next several years with the goal of achieving a more accurate prediction model.

If they really wanted a “breather” then they would stop all new development at the same time. I guess I can sort of understand holding off on moving major infrastructure like roads or water treatment plants for four years but why build new problems during the same period.

Also I don’t see how the state going into denial will save people from higher insurance costs. Surely the insurance companies can read the science themselves.


amazing that abc went factual with regards to the political contributions involved. that, at least, feels like progress. not a lot of detail or backstory given, but relevant ‘campaign finance’ mentioned.

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Ahh, but the real joke is that they’re using ‘The Clapper’.

That’s my state! XD

Now if only the invisible hand of the market would step in and save the developers from developing on land that is clearly about to be under water. Sadly, I suspect the ebil socialists* describing themselves as Conservatives will probably step in and save the day… again.

*As opposed to the regular awesome kind like me.

While it is still very ridiculous, if you were going to cover this story shouldn’t you have covered it in Aug of 2012, which is the date of the ABC report you linked to?

My guess is you just saw this link on the front page of reddit, where it was recently posted as a TIL:

If you want to cover ridiculous things going on in NC right now, there are (unfortunately) no shortage of current events that qualify.


Speaking of ridiculous, are you actually suggesting that anybody who learns about something late (because they are too lazy to familiarize themselves with the manageably small set of facts that encompass the entire world or something) forever hold their peace or go back in time and report promptly?


Nope, just suggesting that if you are going to post about something that happened over a year ago, you should make it clear that it happened over a year ago and not write the post as if it was a recent event. And it might be nice to give credit to the source that brought the facts to your attention after all this time.


I read today that sea levels are rising at 1cm per year, but that Australia sponged up to top 7mm of world sea levels in 2010 and 2011. Lake Eyre filled and my mother and her sister in law drove 6500km to see it. Eventually evaporation took the water back and it fell in the ocean but I wonder what could have been accomplished with reforestation. It might work in the sahara as well.

That’s what I’d expect: a pretty sizable hue and cry from the insurance lobby. But then again, are developers under any obligation to secure insurance before they build, or is that solely the problem of the eventual tenants?

Hmm. I guess developers can just build and run before Poseidon exacts his revenge on the Canute Shores Condominiums, and new homeowners might not realize how high their premiums will be until they’ve signed the mortgage. Or is that illegal in North Carolina?

If our behavior around people who knowingly build in amply-forested wildfire zones is anything to go by, we’ll just declare a state of emergency and bail them out at taxpayer expense, even as they decry the socialist parasites who are leeching from wealth creators like them.

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Well, all I can say is good for the state of North Carolina! Now if only they can get around to fixing that damn pesky pi number thingy. Someone needs to nail that sucker down once and for all!

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I can’t wait for people buying the homes built on this land to try to buy home insurance with flood protection. Good luck on that! “But the government said it won’t flood!”