Six years ago, North Carolina Republicans voted in a law decreeing that the seas weren't rising


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I guess it’s time for North Carolina State Troopers to arrest Posiedon then.


These areas the developers were worried about were among my old fishing haunts.

Too bad. Nice houses on 10ft. stilts. Soon to be gone in the 15ft. swells.


Which reality did the flood insurance mongers subscribe to tho…?

You know the old saying “Better Safe than Sorry” “Better Sorry/Not Sorry and Rich Now than Safe Later”


“…voted in a law decreeing that the seas weren’t rising”

Good luck with telling the sea that.


The only way they could enforce that law is to get the Sand Guardian (aka Guardian of the Sand) to tell Poseidon to f*ck off.


I mean… You can tell the sea whatever you want.


Isn’t that basically the plot of the third Pirates of the Caribbean movie?


Only one thing left to do: North Carolina is going to have to arrest the ocean for breaking the law. It might be a tight squeeze getting it into their already overcrowded prison system, but the lawmakers have never worried about that before.


You’d think this would force a moment of reflection, but reality catching up doesn catch up with everyone…


i know, even king cnut was being ironic when he sat next to the tide and bade it not come in.


When it comes to climate change, sooner or later, it will.

Terraforming Mars is just a pipe dream right now; we better start getting our shit together here on Earth…




We know exactly how that will play out:

Half of the naysayers will claim that it would have happened anyways, due to the sun.

The other half will find a way to blame Democrats.


The ocean might be coming to turn itself in! Looks like they’re evacuating the prisons to make room.


What a bunch of Cnuts.


“Hey, if you think really hard, maybe we can stop this rain … No Rain! No Rain!”


“… thanks to sea-level rises that outstripped the legally decreed limits on what the ocean was allowed to do.”



Republicans have a long history of metaphorically yelling at clouds…


That was pretty dark, bro. Funny, but so dark.