Six years ago, North Carolina Republicans voted in a law decreeing that the seas weren't rising



Arrest it and detain it, repugs!




While they’re tilting at windmills, perhaps they could legislate a gravity exemption for themselves and then take a nice, leisurely flight off the nearest tall building. Climate change, like gravity, doesn’t care if you believe in it or not.


What better way to protest the liberal tyranny of sustainable energy sources??


Too bad Ernest isn’t around to pen a sequel, “Greedy Men and the Sea”.

Thank you! This is what was tickling the back of my brain as I read the post.


So they won’t be accepting any federal funds to rebuild their coastal condos after they’re wiped away? :rofl:


Liberal? Hah! It is to laugh! The sun, the wind, the water- they are all communists, giving themselves away to all and sundry with no regard for property rights or investments or social position! I spit on the nature!


I think this is a brilliant idea, next pass a law that there is no pollution, why not pass a “there is no cancer” law next, could save a lot of lives!!



If they’re looking for an appropriate enforcement body for Laws Against Water Levels (especially due to warming) I guess this is the one case where ICE would be the appropriate one…


I was thinking about another old saying;
“You can fool some of the people all of the time,
Or all of the people some of the time,
But you can’t fool nature,


I see Canute and Indiana got in. But let’s not forget the granddaddy of them all!


Joking aside: what penalties will the developers, and the legislators they bought, face for this fuckery?

None? It’s ‘none,’ isn’t it?


I wouldn’t be so sure. When the rich people who bought all those beach houses get pissed because they were told the sea wasn’t rising, there will be hell to pay.

If that’s in 20 years, sure. They will face no penalties. But there’s a credible claim that it could happen next week.


The frustrating thing about this as a resident of NC is that it doesn’t even reflect the will of the people. They gerrymandered our state so bad the Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutional and they still haven’t fixed it. Our legislature is over 60% Republican and can pull shit like that whenever they want, despite every statewide election being close to 50/50.


Never attribute solely to stupidity Republican policies that can be explained by both stupidity and evil.



Hah! That’s part of the business model. Build, flood and destroy, cry disaster, get relief funds, rebuild in same area.

I doubt there will be any rationality on this front anytime soon.


*Splashes around in the shallow water *
‘Stop resisting!’