North Dakota pipeline ruptures and spills 176K gallons of crude into a creek 150 mi from the DAPL protests


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So much for the “unfounded” fears of the protesters.


I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

The major investors in pipelines try to diversify as much as possible. That way, when something bad happens, they can still recoup their investment by profiting on the rising costs of food, water and sundry.

Mind you, this should in no way encourage the government to let investors carry the burden of cleanup costs. Besides, cleaning up a spill = Jobs Created!

Mission Accomplished?



Think of the poor poor oil company guys, the struggle is real for them.


I haven’t seen this story in major news outlets. Just amazing to find it on Boing Boing first. Actually, I suppose that’s not amazing. Ugh.


The creek feeds into the Little Missouri River, but Seuss said it appears no oil got that far

I would have assumed that this much oil would travel for hundreds of miles downriver. Any hydrologists care to explain how (or really, if) the spill only goes so far? Does much of the oil end up sticking to the river bank?


I saw it early today on Yahoo, but it was hard to judge the severity of the spill. Seemed like they were downplaying it pretty hard and i’m skeptical on the current reports about it.

@Old From the same article i had read they said that the area has since frozen, i don’t know but weather likely will have an effect on current efforts to clean up the area.


Hey it’s only 0.08% of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in volume! Think of the savings!


I’m no hydrologist, but a little further down it says the creek froze over.


And, if oil is less dense than water it’s likely it’s on top of the ice still. Good catch.


I’d expect that oil to travel in a layer between the moving water below and the frozen ice above. But so far I’m surprised at everything about this story.

:confused shrug:


This article uses an article on CNBC as a source.


I don’t know why everyone is so worried. Rick Perry, newly appointed head of the DoE and current board member of ETP, will fix all this. #afoxforeveryhenhouse


Just an isolated incident, which I’m sure can be shown to be different in many minor aspects from all the other isolated incidents, and therefore no indicator of the likelihood of future isolated incidents.


Just like this pipeline being built where it can contaminate the drinking water of the Native Americans, but not the city upriver, is completely and in every way unrelated from any instances of Native Americans in general (and this tribe in particular) getting screwed over by the US Government.


Someone should really put together a Petrochemical Property Protection Act so that they can bill the worthless freeloaders getting their product for free for the value of what they’ve stolen; plus punitive damages.


Well this is very obviously not the DAPL, so it’s pretty much irrelevant.


176.000 gallons? What’s that, a truckful? Maybe two? Whatevs!!


You have any idea how long I could run my Hummer on that?