Dakota Pipeline decision delayed to Sept. 9, indigenous activists continue protest

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According to this NDN blogger Dakota Access, LLC. hasn’t stopped most of their work despite promises to that effect and isn’t expected to slow work any before the judgement.


Please continue to follow closely. Sounds like a potential win, but the occupation site has been cut off from outside assistance including water, clean toilets etc.

NY Times:

Local law enforcement officers set up a barricade on the main road leading to the pipeline site, and officials here in Morton County called a special meeting on Monday to talk about the traffic and how to handle a hundreds-strong protest that could linger for weeks or months.

At the sprawling campsite down the road from the protest site, there had been portable toilets, 500-gallon tanks of drinking water and an air-conditioned trailer with medical supplies provided by the state. But late Monday night, people at the camp said the medical trailer and water tanks had been removed, leaving them to scramble for a new water source for hundreds of people.

Cut off from medical support, and at the same time you then have Gov Jack Dalrymple saying it’s an unlawful protest with public safety risks. This is a centuries old ploy to crush dissent. Most protests that have led to real change have been painted as “unlawful.”


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