2,100+ veterans pledge to build barracks to help Dakota Access Pipeline water defenders survive the winter


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Does anyone here know where to send money directly to help this group?


Where’s the nearest pizzeria, and will they deliver to Standing Rock?


From their FB page; I have NOT vetted the info:
We are asking that all donations for Veterans Stand for Standing Rock now go via SquareCash on our handle $VeteranStand. SquareCash allows for instant access to funds and isn’t charging us the fees or the banking delays of GoFundMe. The movement is THIS WEEKEND, and we need cash on hand to accomplish the mission. Please help us Stand In Solidarity with the Standing Rock tribes, Thank You For All Your Support!


Just waiting for Breitbart to tell us these are unamerican Native Americans and unamerican American veterans.


Here’s one of them. This guy is great, and only one of the reasons he’s great is that he can out talk Jimmy Dore!


This looks like a main vein (should be in @doctorow 's post too!)


From the information in the source article, they are building on the Oceti Sakowin camp, which is on Corps of Engineers managed Federal land. No specific info on exactly what they are building.


Michael Woods is one of the good guys, for sure. He’s a former Baltimore cop who got pushed out because he testified against a blue bro who beat a suspect.


Gonna be a few nights of sub-zero temps next week. They best be building quick. Good luck in maintaining Corps of Engineers neutrality once they start building anything.


Good on 'em.


Of course, you have no idea if this person or page has any actual connection or that even seventeen cents will reach them.

Any loosely affiliated group like this is a major target for scams and hangers-on with their hands out.


All these guys are good, although Jimmy pushes it a little too far. I say this as someone who usually agrees with Jimmy.


Interesting. How so?


His thoughts about how all police are thugs and bullies, for example. I get what he’s trying to say, because he’s referring to a certain personality type attracted to work within a broken system, but it sounds inflammatory when he speaks in absolutes like that. Maybe it’s just his thing.

Also during the run up to the election, when he parroted right wing conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton’s health.

Generally I agree with him, even if I think he goes a little too far at times.


That’s why I started the post with a disclaimer. I should mention that I have no association with the group or the FB page.


Worth following


he is one of the organisers.


Sometimes I have hope for this republic…this is one of those times


This is getting quite wide publicity:

It seems to be quite a good account, and relatively propaganda-free. I can’t find it on the Russian site, perhaps they don’t want to give people ideas…


wonder if Ace Hardware is going to refuse to sell to veterans? That should be interesting if they do.