Militarized police action on the Dakota Access Pipeline


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Contrast that with Y’all Qaeda’s last stand at Malheur.


Yet another attempt by the cops to incite a riot.

Oh how big and powerful they must feel, dropping teargas on peaceful protestors, kettling them, and threatening everyone with violence.

That’s why people join the cops right? So that they can enact violence on others without consequences?


Stealing things that clearly don’t belong to them. A long standing tradition of rapacious powers the world over.


Sounds like the police are doing their jobs. Protecting the powerful from the peasants that dare rise above their station.


Serving and protecting the importants



I, for one, am totally shocked at this new instance of the continuation of centuries old disdain for native sovereignty.


Seems unarmed, peaceful protestors were tear gassed, threatened at gun point, and arrested today.

Probably “protectors” actually, if I’ve been hearing right about what they’ve been calling themselves. (Not to be “pedantic” about it.)


Indeed! Who ever heard of such a thing as those with absolute power acting absolutely corrupt and abusing their power?! Such a thing has never occurred in the annals of recorded history! With perhaps the minor exception of pages 1 through the current page.


Thank you for sharing this. The issue that these peaceful protesters are trying to broadcast has not gotten the attention it deserves.



wow. That’s… wow.


Jeebus, maybe get informed before opining?

Their main point of protest is to protect a primary water supply, not the more general argument against the extraction of yet more fossil fuels (although the latter does of course also come up as an additional point of contention).

ETA: “pro-OPEC.” Ha.


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