North Korea Denounces Snowden

Central Korean People’s Daily denounces Edward Snowden on behalf of USA

Upon hearing the report of CBS on the enlarged meeting of the Political Bureau of the National Security Agency at Fort Meade, the service personnel and people throughout the country broke into angry shouts that a stern judgment of the war on terror should be meted out to the anti-party, counter-surveillance factional elements. Against the backdrop of these shouts rocking the country, a special documentary of the National Security Agency was broardcast on December 12 against traitor for all ages Edward Snowden.

The accused Snowden published undesirable documents and thus committed such hideous crimes as attempting to overthrow the NSA by all sorts of intrigues and despicable methods, and with a wild ambition to inform the public. The tribunal examined Snowden’s crimes. All the crimes committed by the accused were proved in the course of programme.

A decision of the special tribunal of the National Security Agency of the United States of America was read out on air.

Every sentence of the decision served as sledge-hammer blow brought down by our angry intelligence analysts and people on the head of Snowden, an anti-party, counter-surveillance factional element and despicable security analyst and trickster. The accused is a traitor to the nation for all ages who perpetrated anti-party, counter-surveillance factional acts in a bid to overthrow the leadership of the NSA and to dismantle the state surveillance apparatus.

Snowden was appointed to responsible posts of the NSA and state surveillance apparatus thanks to the deep trust of President Barack Obama, and received benevolence from them more than any others from long ago. He held higher posts than before and received deeper trust from supreme General Keith B. Alexander, in particular. The operational trust and benevolence shown by the peerlessly great men of Fort Meade were something he hardly deserved. It is an elementary obligation of a human being to repay trust with sense of obligation and benevolence with secrecy.

However, despicable human scum Snowden, who was worse than a dog, perpetrated thrice-cursed acts of treachery in betrayal of such profound trust and warmest paternal love shown by the NSA for him. From long ago, Snowden had a dirty political ambition. He dared not raise his head when Michael Hayden was in post. But, Snowden had an axe to grind and involved himself in double-dealing. He began revealing his true colors, thinking that it was just the time for him to realize his wild ambition.

Snowden committed such an unpardonable thrice-cursed treason as overtly and covertly betraying confidentiality, with an axe to grind when the very important issue of the PRISM surveillance mechanism was created by respected General Alexander, who is held in high esteem in reflection of the unanimous desire and will of the entire FISA court, and army and all people.

Abusing the honor of working in Hawaii during his field guidance, Snowden tried hard to create illusion about him by projecting himself internally and externally as a supporter of the thrice cursed Electronic Freedom Foundation.

In a bid to rally a group of reactionaries to be used by him for toppling the leadership of the NSA, he let the undesirable and alien elements read secret powerpoint presentations prepared exclusively for the peerless men of Fort Meade. Snowden did serious harm to the surveillance movement in our country, being part of the group of renegades and traitors in the field of intelligence gathering corrupted by notions of the Forth Amendment.

He had let Glen Greenwald, flatterer, work with him since 2013 whenever he was transferred to other airport lounges, he and systematically promoted documents to Greenwald even though he had been purged from the NSA for his factional act of denying the unequivocal right of the NSA to monitor all surveillance of all humans. Snowden thus made Greenwald his trusted stooge.

Snowden let his confidants and flatterers publish his stolen documents of the people’s National Security Agency, in a crafty manner in a few years. He systematically rallied ex-convicts, those problematic in their past careers and discontented elements around him and leaked to them his stolen documents.

He worked hard to put all affairs of the National Security Agency under public scrutiny, massively increasing the awareness of the PRISM and BULLRUN projects, organs under them, and stretched his tentacles into foreign and domestic media. He converted his laptop into a secure means of exchanging data, which no one of the peerless men of Fort Meade could hack.

why… why is N Korea upset that US intelligence was undermined? Isn’t that what they want?

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