North Korean interiors look like a Wes Anderson film set


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I call that “drec’arating”.


Now don’t go giving Wes any ideas, he’s liable to start making Fantastic Mr. Kim or some damn thing.


Kim Jong-il?


Wes Anderson should film an entire movie on top of a cake with stop-motion fondant


If you want to see the Wes Anderson effect in full force, check out the blog RetroDPRK which has tons of photos of North Korea from the 50s through the 80s. Worth noting is North Korea probably hangs on to this throwback interior decorating because it evokes the period when it did enjoy reasonably high standards of living (the South didn’t surpass it until the 80s). However the country suffered economic collapse and famine after they lost their main trading partner, the USSR.


I hate the colors, but I like the design, actually. Actually I enjoy certain aspects of socialist/communist art in general.


The most noticeable thing from over here in the west is the lack of clutter. Here it’s posters and signs everywhere. There’s no way to tell what’s important or interesting without reading them all.



Product design and interior design should be done exclusively by Soviet-era trained communists if you ask me.
Not a big fan of their architecture though. On the other hand, communist architecture pretty much exclusively dates from the 50s to 80s and god knows there is an abundance of terrible capitalist architecture from that period as well.


The Grand Pyongyang Hotel?

The DPRK has some pretty impressive looking luxury hotels you could use.


That second building makes me think someone took a trip to Kuala Lumpur.

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