North Korean rulers attempted to enter the west using Brazilian passports

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short and weird and fat and awkward, Great Comrade from Pyongyang goes walking, and when he passes each one he passes goes, phew


I am not surprised by their choice, it’s a good cover. A sizeable number of people from Asian countries, including Japan, China, and Korea, emigrated to Brazil, mostly in the earlier 20th century.


Indeed, Brazil has the largest Japanese population outside of Japan.


I feel like this is mainly of interest to the North Koreans who will never hear about it.


A Brazilian? Thats a hell of a lot of passports.


I imagine that they would have used these passports for travel around Asia rather than “the West”.

Someone using a Brazilian passport who does not speak Portuguese would have to be careful about where they went with it. They would need to avoid countries where they might run into someone who spoke Portuguese, or, worse still, a suspicious official who spoke Portuguese or could summon an interpreter. That would rule out at the very least South America, Portugal, Spain, southern Africa.and Macau (a favourite spot for North Korean illicit activities and home to the late Kim Jong Nam).


I do wonder how exactly they use these passports. It seems like a big risk for a head of state to just show up in an economy-class checkin line and expect not to be noticed; I would think it’s something more like, they show up on a boat or private plane, and the person checking their passport knows the deal, but the document is there to provide a plausible paper trail.


I can’t believe they would ever even think of going anywhere outside their fiefdom and why would they? They print USD sufficient to pay to import anything they want for themselves and they have what seems to be, so far, the most highly perfected dictatorship ever allowing them absolute reign. I can’t imagine they would think they would be secure anywhere else since they are all too familiar with how easy public assassinations are to accomplish anywhere at any time. Other than guesting on Oprah or seeing Hoobastank at Coachela, I don’t think Dear Leader feels he’s missing out on anything. Smells like FUD to me.

we don’t have the right to use the images. But Reuters does. You can check them out by clicking this link.

Well your description of the story suffices. I have no interest in sending traffic to a site that does not allow sharing pictures relevant to news.

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"Kim Jong-un had a Brazilian"

If everyone read the news how idiots read the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution

Trump is letting Brazilians in?!

You bastard! There went my coffee!

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Interesting song. US coffee importer commissioned?


I always assumed it was the mob. Same difference.

All kidding aside, in 1946 one could have been, to some extent, connected with the other.


It seems plausible. They’re obviously not going to risk coming to the U.S., but certainly they would want to visit Europe. What’s the point of being a despot if you can’t visit Paris? Or London? Or Rome? Heck, Kim Jong Un was educated in Switzerland. Moreover, what would be the point of this as FUD? To besmirch the sterling reputation of the Kim family?


The passport with Jong Un’s photo was issued in the name of Josef Pwag with a date of birth of Feb. 1, 1983.

Did anyone besides me read that as “Pawg?”

(Well, you did now.)

Maybe its a contingency thing, like having a swiss deposit box number embedded in your hip . A possible way out if things get really bad.

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