North Korean defector to Finland claims evidence of illegal human experiments

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Next month on Boing Boing: Dead Lee (too soon?)

Cue the racist North Korea “humor.”

There is plenty of lampooning possible against the out of touch and murderous ruling cult and their edicts while still not invoking or insulting the Korean identity that they share with the southern regime and diaspora.

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Here’s hoping that for once we get one without the other.

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If true though it would be similar to what is alleged to occur in China where some prisons are living organ pools. That is too much like Larry Niven’s know space universe where extreme longevity and a boring society is a result of making nearly every crime and infraction a capital one in order to legally supply the needed organs and tissues.

North Korea is a major problem, they have always had Seoul in a real MAD situation with the capital of the south being in artillery range of the north, and the north has a similar number of artillery pieces to the US worldwide, perhaps more. As the south became more affluent it became easier to attempt to buy off and push of any confrontation, so now the US, Seoul, and Tokyo are stuck with a nuclear armed and ICBM developing chubby fratboy in a starving nation that apparently is still stuck with the Stalinist era medical experimentation mentality.

If it’s true that they’re experimenting on humans, what can be done about it?

Nothing, but it’s still worth getting the information out there.

Sooner or later the North Korean power structure will fall apart. It will be important to know what came before.

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I’m not convinced that Kim Jong Un isn’t just a figurehead for the generals who are actually in control.


And yet he has a tendency to execute those he finds to be a threat indiscriminately.

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Okay, here it goes: I suppose if Rodman wants to continue to kowtow to Massa Kim, he’s going to have to legally change his name to Tom and learn to tapdance.

Another Asian who believes that Un is a dick.

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