North Korea says Ebola is a U.S. bioweapons conspiracy. Seems legit


Seriously. Where’s my Team america sequel? These headlines write themselves, especially with NK being pissed at James Franco’s silly comedy.


That haircut and jawline always suggest someone who owns a lot of Tapout shirts.


Pfft. The bioweapons research is at Fort Dietrich in Maryland. Shows you how much Kim knows.


Congratulations America on developing the lamest Biological weapon ever.

Maybe next time you can try for something, like the Flu.

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The worst tundra of human rights?

In related news, Brilliant General visited the Rason Special Scientific Collective and gave on-the-spot guidance to appreciating group of biological workers of the brigade for advancement, installing fervent support for the party and its “military first” policy of progressing socialism, and observing the use of unicorn parts to combat with merciless resolve against the insidious virus-plot of the gangster capitalist forces and ther puppet southern regime.


Well this is obviously a piece of basket case propaganda by this bunch of muppets, but let’s get some perspective on this. US did stockpile weaponized anthrax up untill 1972. They had done things like Tuskegee syphilis experiment to their own citizens and than there were all sorts of MKUltra craziness.

It’s easy to laugh at crazy old Kim, but then again if you keep these things in mind, you could understand why this sort of conspiracy theories can sound believable to someone. And yeah N Korea lives in 50ies.

I also believe that government of US of A should be held accountable by international court of justice for human rights violations. Many many more governments around the world should, and goons from N Korea should be the first in line.

The fact that only batshit crazy regimes around the world are calling for this actually tells more about the sorry state that international community is in at the moment.


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