Anthrax sent by Pentagon to U.S. Air Force base in South Korea, 22 people may be exposed

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$600B+, and you can’t figure out if the stuff you’re shipping across the fucken world is the heavy or the light version? FFS.

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The loopholes in the Biological Weapons Convention are so big that, evidently, the Army can fly a C130 though them. (What I’m saying is that the Army shouldn’t posses any Anthrax at all, if anyone needs to, for research and security purposes, I’d leave it to the CDC… or any agency who’s main job isn’t to wage war.)


It’s ubiquitous in soil, so until the army dress in cat suits and drill in hydroponic arcologies full of synthetic fill, then turn planes into cleanrooms in flight check, there will be a loop. Also, it’s how…these are cows that didn’t like Stanford, evidently…you vaccinate cows in Davis.

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I’m sure the pit toilets at Basic have human detectable levels of phosgene gas at the bottom, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay for the US army to field phosgene as a weapon of war, nor does that mean that the US army has any business shipping it around the world.

Likewise with Anthrax. Just because it’s ubiquitous in soil doesn’t make it acceptable for the army to play around with it, weaponize it, purify and culture the stuff, or send it around the world.

If the army wants to do research on Anthrax countermeasures, they can ask the CDC for samples. The army already possesses and controls enough nuclear weapons to crack the moon in half. I’d say that’s more than enough doomsday weaponry in their possession.

Let the CDC handle biological risks. The army has a record of being credulous fools, who will believe anything. They also have a track record of less than ethical research practices when they’re trying to figure out countermeasures or assess the dangers of a weapon. It doesn’t seem to me like a good idea to put biological weapons under their control at all.

So, forgive me for not trusting them to be responsible, ethical, and scientifically rigorous when it comes to biological warfare.


Why are the personnel working with anthrax not vaccinated before accidental exposure occurs?

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