Vaccine trials


Makes me wanna BITE a CBP agent -.-’.


Make sure you’re up to date on vaccinations first


Always have been, plus whatever wack-ass experimental crap they threw into the extra “overseas” shot in the Army =x.


I’ve had all those shots…there isn’t anything experimental in them. If there were I’d have gone back for 2nds, 3rds, and 4ths just to see if I would have gotten super powers.

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Quite often false, actually. Much final-stage vaccine research happens right there. One example is the experimental anthrax vaccine package which is thought to potentially be one of the causes of “Gulf War syndrome.” They also took a VERY long time to move away from the oral (weakened virus, as opposed to inactivated) polio vaccine =p.

(Note: I didn’t get the anthrax vaccination.)

All in all, considering the milieu they were in, I would have gladly taken the anthrax vaccination anyway, given the choice, even knowing the possible connection to Gulf War syndrome! These experimental vaccines are in the very last stage of testing (human trials) and are already known to be reasonably safe, so the benefits greatly outweigh the risks. But yes, this type of experiment DOES happen, and not particularly rarely, at that ^^’.

ok. think about what you said and then understand there is a noticible difference between “experimentation” and “very last stage of testing (human trials) and are already known to be reasonably safe”.

Think about those phrases/terms and think about how people COMMONLY accept those two things. You or I may be able to reasonably know the nuanced differences…most people. the average person…does not.

If Nostradumbass went on national TV and said what you just said…do you think the average TV watcher would understand those differences or do you think they would scream “OMG THEY ARE PUMPING THE HULK FORMULA INTO SOLDIERS!!!”

So…taking that perspective…no. the military does not experiment on its service people.

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NVIC is a rabidly antivaccine group, and a poor reference for pretty much anything. As I posted elsewhere, antivaxxers are not nice people.


Um, no. I just quite literally proved the direct opposite, in fact. I agree that how people view such can be problematic, but that DOES NOT change empirical fact, not one teeny bit.

There’s also the fact that the anthrax vaccine implicated here had a…troublesome…history, if you do a bit of reading on the subject, due to the failure to acquire informed consent. This is a common BUT also (in present day, anyway) illegal occurrence in military vaccine research; ignoring it won’t make it go away.

The reason I’m not backing down on what seems to be a minor point, here, is that “inverse hysteria”, so to speak, can be just as damaging as anti-vax hysteria. Yes, vaccines can be risky, necessary and beneficial as they are! And yes, any trial has inherently higher risk, of course.

That said, I still support exactly this type of experimentation, with informed consent and right to refusal (with concomitant discharge or placement changes, where appropriate). Neither soldiers nor prisoners (another commonly experimented-upon pool) are, however, lab rats.

but saying “soldiers are given experimental vaccines” does automatically make people generally come to that very conclusion. Soldiers=Lab rats.

We aren’t. And never have been. And it’s mis leading to use those terms.

But I am not here to convince you otherwise. Carry on and state it however you like. have a nice day.

a) I never actually said that, and

b) I was making a mild-but-relevant joke, in the first place, and

c) Currently, soldiers (and prisoners) ARE at times treated as lab rats, without informed consent, and

d) Didn’t need your permission, but thanks anyhow.

Even though I intended it only as a mild joke, I can’t agree that intentionally keeping completely silent about the ethics of exactly this type of matter is even remotely OK. That seems to me to be letting others’ fear drive your discourse, which doesn’t appear any more rational to me, overall, than when the anti-vaxers start foaming.

Do you feel the same qualms, discussing the Tuskegee Experiment…? I’m guessing not.

You are comparing two very different things. Additionally, I stated the good bye to say “I do not wish to engage with you on this any further.”

Please leave me out of your discussions here on out.

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