As many as 75 federal scientists may have been exposed to anthrax


And went home to their families no doubt.
Sounds like a start of a Steven King novel…

Rather sloppy work by the laboratories involved. Having worked in ACL4 labs, similar to those used for anthrax, this shows very poor procedures and checks.
Isn’t it time that both the US and Russia finely destroyed their stock of the Anthrax virus. It’s only real use seems to be in WMD, which no one on the planet either wants or needs.

Pretty sure it’s bacteria.


Unfortunately, anthrax is found in the wild all over the world, so destroying weaponized stocks wouldn’t prevent someone going out into a sheep field tomorrow and starting again.

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Hi Lyle, I was aware anthrax is relatively common in nature but assumed that to weaponize it, in any meaningful way, was a very difficult process especially to make it into an aerosol for mass use. I do admit that this is based on the various documentaries doing the rounds following the 2001 anthrax attacks in the USA so may not be guaranteed correct.

There are probably a limited number of scientists who are qualified to work with anthrax. (The bacillus, not the band.) There is therefore a pretty good probability the “anthrax killer,” who was never caught, might be one of those infected. I really hope karma is a bitch.

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As I understand it, weaponizing anthrax is difficult. It’s not hard to get anthrax, but making it into a reliable weapon is a problem.

The big anthrax scare many years ago involved anthrax stolen from a lab that did such work.

Face it, we’ve all been exposed to Anthrax, amirite?

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I don’t know about the specific process of weaponizing for various specific military applications, but the endospores of anthrax will give you “anthrax pneumonia” right out of the ground, 100% natural and organic. They’re hardcore little motherfuckers too. The nature of endospores is that they are hardy and tough to kill, and easy to grow, that’s why they became a bioterror weapon of choice. Botulinum and anthracis spores can survive a lengthy boiling that would kill almost anything else, and they stay “good” on the shelf for years. Their method of attack is pretty Delta Force, too. They get in your lungs, get a phagocyte to take them up, ride into your lymph and then germinate (turn back from spore to vegetative bacteria) and go to town. The envelope attacks, I believe, were just concentrated spores, higher than you’d get hit with in your typical sheep field. It’s hasn’t really been found to be communicable from human to human, though.


That’s bad. So bad, they should be in detention.

Since there is an anthrax vaccine, I would assume that people working in this laboratory got it. This may be why there haven’t been any reports of illness for this exposure.

Or a George Romero film

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Was there any closure or end to that 2001 anthrax by mail story? And was it all just talc? There was a lot of madness around at that time and without getting all truther or lizard people about it, the official narrative was a bit strange. But mostly weird because it never really got resolved. There’s too many of these that just fade away out of the news cycle.

I don’t know about ‘closure’ to the story. From my personal perspective: I was exposed, got chemoprophylaxis that played havoc with my digestion, and never got ill other than the imbalance in intestinal flora from the fluoroquinolone.

I never supported the way that The Authorities were so convinced that they Had Their Man that they hounded the guy to suicide, without ever actually managing to convict him. And when at the time, I held forth at the lunch table that he still had due process rights, I was told, dismissively, “You wouldn’t feel that way if you’d been one of the ones affected.” Excuse me?

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No, there wasn’t.

And there were so many triumphant puffed breasts mentioning ‘no terror attacks since 9/11’… but that’s a lie from many many media cycles ago. Long since swept under the rug.

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I remember a story in New Scientist from that kind of time about junkies in Glasgow dying from heroin infected with anthrax, due to it being contaminated from a cut that used bone meal. Nasty.

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Great. Now we’re not going to be able to bring bone meal on planes!

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