Siberian heat wave unleashes deadly 'zombie anthrax' outbreak through century-old reindeer carcasses


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Zombie anthrax?

Yes, it’s a thing, and it can/might kill you. If you come in contact with it, that’s the one caveat.

Bacillus anthracis, the bacteria that cause anthrax, are capable of surviving in the soil for centuries

from above piece.


There is something a bit surreal about the nicely dressed family calmly crouched around the freshly killed carcass, just like a picnic, but with more gore.


This part:

is kind of horrifying to me. I mean, I can understand that it would spread via eating of infected meat, but just by contact with something nearby? Yikes.


Antivaxxers, take note.


News stories like this are killing traffic to my chain of uncooked, century old reindeer-themed restaurants. Well, the news stories and practically everything else I just said.

Have you never been to a family restaurant?


I tried to eat at a family restaurant once, but they wouldn’t let me in, because I was without family.

Went to the singles bar, instead.


Isn’t this how The Thing starts?


Oh boy, here we go.


Wasn’t this the plot of the first season of ReGenesis? Except that was a weaponized virus instead of Anthrax.


No, I figure that’s more than I can eat.


Next to be thawed - mammoth herpes.


One was wearing a hoodie.


Was it one of the hoodies that nobody in your neighborhood can get because they are selling out so fast???


I am disturbed that the local Biowarfare troops seem to have a pre-made handy reindeer carcass incinerator. Why?


Coleman grills don’t come in camo.


I assumed it was what they named their 2016 tour


Man, pictures of kids in hospitals always made me sad in an abstract way, but now that I have a baby, they are like a fucking physical gut punch. I can’t handle that shit anymore.


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