North Korean science fiction in 2023

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My mental picture of North Korean sci-fi involves access to passports, democratic elections, a free press, ability to pursue a career of your choice, life without fear of starvation or political persecution.

In other words - South Korea.


If North Korea weren’t North Korea I guess so, but I assumed this was about works written in NK by NK authors. That’s going to cramp their style somewhat.

Now that is a deep cut. Some context may be helpful for some:

John Scalzi has written very intelligently and at length about it as well. I couldn’t find one good summary on his blog, but here’s a decent starting point:

The TL;DR is that a bunch of angry white conservative men basically tried to stage a coup of the science fiction world because they were mad that black people and women win stuff sometimes now and people have started to point out that old masters like Heinlein were massive douchebags. Said coup attempt failed catastrophically and hilariously.


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