Norwegian atheist's velicoraptor trike




Reminds me of one of my favorite shirts.

Edit: fixed link, @noahdjango
However, still sort of a dead link since it leads to the old woot offering - it might still be in the top 20 offering…
Edit I see that they are selling it again…


Which is it: Is he an atheist or an artist? Fine, I guess he can be both…


Are you sure he’s an atheist? Because a lot of the crazier Creationist types are entirely cool with the idea of humans riding dinosaurs:


Dogmatic religious education? In Norway? This is a side of Norway I have never heard about.


That article didn’t even mention the triceratops with a saddle.



[@crenquis – “shirts” dead link? just me?]


cataclysmic climate change killed the dinosaur shirt page.
(not working for me either - nor is the link the the artist’s page from it)


hmm it is working now -
I wonder if this thread revived it?
also found the artist’s deviant art page:


Am I the only one disappointed that the artist didn’t hook the legs up to the wheels so it would look like the 'raptor was running?


Where are the feathers? Raptors had feathers dammit!


I lived for a while in Oslo. I don’t recall ever seeing a church. However, there is this in front of the university’s mathematics building:



Oslo is fairly light on churches luckily. Well, there are plenty of churches but they aren’t much used… ( About 72% of the population in Norway ( answered they don’t believe in a personal god…

But the west-coast, where the artist lives, is basically the Bible-belt of Norway. Some people even queued up overnight for a new translation of the bible a few years ago…


Totally worth it. The translator managed to both stay true to the original and breathe new life into the characters. Take Lot’s conversation with Eve at the Last Supper, for instance. Such emotion!


Where are the feathers?

[I see I’m not the only one with that issue. But the earliest known Dromeosaurs had *flight* feathers, and it’s a good bet that the later ones retained feathers. I can’t see how featherless reconstructions persist. It’s like people like Velociraptor as an icon, but don’t check up on the research on Dromeosaurs as actual animals.]


‘So, Eve… how about we put a little salt on that apple?’


That’s just morbid. Even for someone who grew up reading Grimm’s


It just got it. It’s a VELOCIRAPTOR VELOCIPEDE. D’oh!

I know, I know…


This design has been around since 2006… at least.