An Exclusive Inside Look at Denver’s Dinosaur Hotel


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What? No dinosaur saddles?!? Freakin’ evolutionists…

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There were no dinosaurs. Those bones were planted in the earth by the devil, to destroy faithless sciency people such as yourself.

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This is too cool. I know where I’m staying when next in Denver. . .

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Needz moar fethurz.

Yeap ,you got it right man .

Cool. Had no idea this was there. My dentist is just down the street. I’ll have to stop by and check it out next time.

The fundie take used to be that Yahweh put all the fossils in the ground to test our faith. Now they often claim that before the fall T-Rex was a vegetarian and Jeebus hisself used to ride them.

I wish they’d get their stories straight.

I think that might be in Isaiah, or maybe just a Midrash, and it was a lion, not a dino. But still.

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