Norwegian Islamophobes confuse empty bus seats with women in burkas

There’s apparently a small but vocal contingent of Norwegians that believe ebil immigrants are draining all their resources and ruining the Norwegian Way of Life. I’ve got a friend in Norway who rants about these people a lot. He says there’s been some really political deportations of children and people who’ve lived for years in Norway.

But of course Norway’s last mass-murderer was a right-wing white supremacist.


Almost makes me want to post this image as bait.

But I am glad some part of my brain has some sense.

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I remember getting on a bus after work one evening. Then a very recent and very painful ex of mine got on the bus with her new hotter, sexier, better job, owned a home, and she had cheated with this man to get what she needed … they got on the bus right before a woman in a full niqab got on the bus.

I was ideologically trapped. I wanted off the bus because seeing my ex and him really made me feel humiliated, hot headed, and she saw me and gave me a huge s-eating-grin.

I got up and jumped off the bus because I didn’t want to both cry and scream.

And of course everyone on the bus was all #smh because white guy saw niqab and ran.

I felt so low.


Then there’s this poor schmuck who desperately tried to sneak in disguised as a car seat.



Who cares, they are all the same right??? /s

(…as I’m reminded of the last time this was brought up in that hijab song post)


… or perhaps they do, but not in higher seat, ‘high-class’ :smirk: buses.


Anyone speak Norwegian well enough to confirm this isn’t just a joke?

“People see what they want to see and what they want to see are idiotic racists”

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Not only are we quick to comment, but when someone points out the truth, we don’t bother to read that comment and post more of our bs.

You know who else could be a terrorist? Literally anybody. Maybe not even a terrorist, maybe just a person having a psychotic episode who is hurting people with imagined, or even no discernible motives at all.


Just from the text, it seems legit. There’s even one saying “they are just empty seats, but it looks scary”. I’ve unfortunately seen other actual posts on facebook and in other fora that are quite similar. They are typically heavy on superlatives and inventive spelling. Not necessarily because the author can’t spell, but because they write something that’s phonetically closer to their dialect. And uncommonly proud of that dialect. There is a lot of everyday racism here…


Yeah… Just look at our political leadership with FrP (The Progress Party, once known as “Anders Langes party for strongly reduced taxes, fees and government intervention”) and Høyre (Right), both are; surprise , surprise, against any form of immigration. Also, Norway has, unfortunately, taken part of every Nato coalition effort in Afghanistan and Iraq, so there should be plenty for someone to hate us for…


“I knew there’d be trouble when we hired that moslem seat designer”

“Yeah, but that christian guy’s designs were just too dam’ crossy”

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The stupid… it hurts and is funny at the same time.

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Ah, I see, didn’t realize that, thanks for that info.


Aw, gosh darn it.

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For the most part all extremists are small but vocal minorities, it’s just that highly partisan media outlets have managed to trick people into thinking they support political stances that they really don’t. It’s not just the reactionaries, but the reactionaries are far “better” at it than the left because they’ve absolutely mastered the ability to manipulate people’s fears and amplify them and fear-driven people tend to lean right anyway.

An unfortunate side effect of this is that those small, vocal minorities that weren’t ever going to do anything but write angry treatises and argue with people on the Internet, eventually start attracting people who are certifiably ill, and who will, with a little provocation, do terrible things.

That’s where people like Breivik and Roof come from. Deeply troubled, socially withdrawn people are drawn to extremist ideologies like moths to a flame, and in many cases, the people peddling those ideologies know that. It’s the exact same strategy used by evil bastards the world over, from cult leaders to the taliban.

The problem has always been there, it’s just that it’s different now than it was 30 years ago. The guy who poisoned Tylenol bottles, for example, nobody knows who it was, or why they did it, it was a random act of violence likely motivated by a confabulated internal narrative. Maybe the killer thought the company had hurt him, maybe he thought it was hurting other people, we’ll never really know.

What has changed is the fact that the Internet now makes it easy for those evil bastards to connect with the unwell people that they plan to use as pawns, and that accessibility not only accounts for the increase in overtly politically/racially based violence, but also the general increase in frequency and visibility. Extremist “causes” that would have otherwise languished in obscurity are now just a Google search away, the exhausting speed of the news cycle means that more people hear about the things done in the name of those causes, both of which combine to create a false image of the size of the groups behind them.

Hell, even just me sitting here explaining this is part of the problem. There’s always a chance that someone will read this, and it will make them feel a little uncomfortable because it hits a little too close to home. Their reaction might be honest self-evaluation, or it might be to shut it out and say, “well they are just a left wing pontificator who thinks I’m an idiot and wants to hurt me!” That might be all it takes to send someone who might have been thinking about seeing someone about their problems spiraling down into a psychological hole they may never get out of–not because I said anything particularly offensive, but because it was just the push they needed to decide that the world is out to get them.

Once the racing conspiracy thought process starts, it’s pretty hard for anyone to stop.